Free Promotion Letter Example

Free Promotion Letter Example
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Free Promotion Letter Example


[Name of Employee]
[Job Role or Title]
[Address of Employee]
[Community, Zip Code]

Dear [Name of Employee],

After a review of your previous year’s performance, we are pleased to promote you to the position of [name of position]. You will be reporting to [Name of immediate Superior], [position of immediate superior] at the [name of department] department on [start date].

We trust that you will make the most out of the opportunity given to you and continue to contribute to the success of the business. Your compensation and benefits are attached herewith for your review.

We look forward to you starting your new challenge. For additional questions or clarifications, feel free to contact me through the details provided below.


[Name of HR Representative]
[Role or Position]
[Name of Company]
[Contact Details]

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