Free Sponsorship Letter Format

Free Sponsorship Letter Format
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Free Sponsorship Letter Format

[Organization Letterhead]
[Address of Organization]


[Name of Recipient]
[Name of Company]
[Address of Company]
[Community, Zip code]

Dear [Name of Recipient],

[Name of Organization] will hold its [annual or monthly] [name of event] event on [date of event] at [location of event]. [Name of Organization] aims to raise [target amount] for [organization cause or goal of event].

In connection to this, [name of organization] would like to ask for help from companies and corporations like yours to raise the necessary funds. Attached are the different sponsorship packages for your evaluation. Your help would be highly appreciated in achieving our goal of [enter goal here] to help the community.

We would be featuring your company name in all our ads and posters for the event and as such would surely provide added positive publicity for your company. For additional questions and clarifications, please don’t hesitate to call me through the contact information provided below.

Thank you in advance for your sponsorship support for [name of cause]. We look forward to seeing you during our [name of event] event.


[Signature of Sender]
[Name of Sender]
[Organization Role or Position]
[Contact Information]

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