Free Sponsorship Request Letter Template

Free Sponsorship Request Letter Template
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Free Sponsorship Request Letter Template

[Name of Requester]
[Role or Position]
[Name of Foundation or Company]
[Address of Requester]


[Name of Sponsor]
[Role or Position]
[Name of Company]
[Address of Company]

Dear [Name of Sponsor],

[Name of Foundation or Company] will be holding its annual [name of event] to raise funds for [name of cause]. We appreciate your support for this event as [name of event] has helped [name of cause] for the past [number] years. This year, we plan to [name or description of project].

Again, we are extending our request for your monetary support this year in order to [name or description of specific goal] for the community. We will be including your company in all of our presentation and promotional materials highlighting all companies that are continually supporting our cause and have always been holding an important role and commitment to protecting our [name of cause].

Attached is a sponsorship commitment letter for you to review and fill out in which the different levels of participation are detailed. Should you have any additional questions and clarifications regarding the sponsorship commitment, please contact me through the details provided below. I will be looking forward to hearing from you soon and appreciate your continued support for [name of cause].


[Name of Requester]
[Contact Information]

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