Tips and samples to create a sample resume summary statement that really glues employer on your resume. Professional resume outline examples that can get you potential interviews. A resume is a tool for job seekers, it’s not just something you put together five minutes before the interview. Writing a resume can take up to an hour or more depending on your achievements. Following are some quick tips to create a sample resume summary:

o Look for good resume sample resume outline statements that you can find online. One place you can check out is online job portals. Search for free samples that are already formatted, this is one good way to learn how to format a resume effectively. There are many examples on these sites that are already formatted and ready to go.

9 Sample Resume Summary Statement

A plete Resume Summary Guide 40 Examples
A plete Resume Summary Guide 40 Examples

A plete Resume Summary Guide 40 Examples via

o Find free sample resume summary statement examples. A simple internet search can point you in the right direction. You can also go directly to websites of companies that do hiring. These types of companies typically offer sample resumes as part of their website.

Administrative Assistant Resume Summary

o creates a bullet list. Every entry in your resume should have a bullet list. As mentioned above, you are writing to a specific person (the prospective employer) and the job description is specific. Therefore, the bullet list needs to suit the particular company you are applying for. A sample resume summary statement resume should contain the job title, address, phone number and e-mail address, if any, as well as the employee qualifications.

How to start a resume with a summary statement

Here are some various Administrative Assistant resume summaries based on a candidate’s experience, career focus and best qualities: 

General summary

Example: ‘Hardworking and versatile Administrative Assistant with proven organizational skills and thorough knowledge of corporate policies and procedures. Excellent communication and people skills with extensive strategic planning capabilities.’

This example showcases the applicant’s versatility and knowledge in areas essential for office management.

Intermediate summary

Example: ‘Experienced Administrative Assistant with 5+ years of experience working in a multinational firm. Detailed knowledge of business terminologies and standard practices. Committed and passionate with a focus on professionalism.’

This summary shows the applicant’s experience in a demanding work setting. It also showcases skills that could be valuable in any office environment.

Versatile summary

Example: ‘Multifaceted Administrative Assistant with an extensive background in a variety of office administration duties. Works well in high-pressure settings with minimal supervision in both leadership and team roles. Especially effective at fielding phone calls, coordinating with clients and serving as the liaison between different branch offices.’

This example highlights the applicant’s versatility and the ability to handle multiple roles. It also details a few specific examples of skills that would be useful in any Administrative Assistant position. 

Financial experience summary

Example: ‘Capable and knowledgeable Administrative Assistant with more than five years of experience working in a financial office. Thorough working knowledge of securities and investment practices. Consistently recognized for proven capability in office administration, record keeping, preparing reports and performing customer-oriented tasks.’

This summary showcases the applicant’s knowledge in the financial industry, which is useful when applying for jobs in the same related field. 

Skills and education summary

Example: ‘Administrative Assistant with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and a solid background working in different human resources firms. Well-organized and able to multitask while maintaining a high level of professionalism and attention to detail. Expert level proficiency in all MS Office applications.’

This example mentions the applicant’s educational and professional background, both of which are relevant to an Administrative Assistant position. It also details hard and soft skills that are useful for the job. 

A resume summary statement is a short paragraph at the beginning of a resume that highlights a job seeker’s professional skills and experience. It gives hiring managers a glimpse into the job seeker’s expertise before diving into their resume. The goal of a summary statement is to demonstrate the job seeker’s unique value through their skills and accomplishments.

The summary statement typically sits right below the job seeker’s contact information and right above the body of the resume. A resume summary statement is often referred to by other names, including:

  • Career summary
  • Personal statement
  • Professional summary
  • Summary of experience
  • Summary of qualifications
  • Qualifications summary
  • Competencies
  • Executive resume summary

What to Include in a Resume Summary Statement
What to Include in a Resume Summary Statement

What to Include in a Resume Summary Statement via

There are some candidates, in particular, for whom having a summary statement can make a really big difference, including:

Candidates who are changing careers: If you don’t emphasize that you have transferable skills that are relevant to the job you are applying for in your summary statement, a recruiter or a hiring manager might quickly look at your most recent experience and assume you’re not suitable for the role.

Candidates who’ve recently graduated: A strong summary statement will help you tailor your resume to different jobs. In this case, what to include in your resume summary are the skills and experience you have that match those listed in the job description.

Experienced candidates who have varied backgrounds: What to put in your resume summary for this type of candidate are the skills and achievements you’ve amassed that are particularly relevant to the position you’re targeting.

o Create a cover letter. A cover letter is a short note that comes with the sample resume summary statement or with your application. It informs the potential employer of who you are and what your objectives are for the job search. It is the key to a successful job search, since a recruiter has to make sure that the person he is going to interview is truly the person he has been looking for. So, the cover letter is the first introduction to your career and your skills.

Front Desk Receptionist Resume Example

Stephanie Monroe

123 Fake Street | City, State, Zip Code
Cell: 000-000-0000
[email protected]

Professional Summary

Energetic Front Desk Receptionist who can provide efficient, organized and friendly secretarial support. Skilled at managing inventory and supplies, handling phone duties and company correspondence, and appointment scheduling. Specializes at creating a friendly and receptive office environment.

Core Qualifications

Phone & email
Customer service
Inventory and supply
Administrative support
Data management


Front Desk Receptionist, October 2009 to Present
Company Name- City, State

  • Handled company correspondence, phones and email, and responded to customers
  • Assisted in facilitating shipments, received and processed billing information
  • Completed scheduling duties and organized phone calls and appointments

Front Desk Receptionist, March 2004 to September 2009
Company Name- City, State

  • Managed and monitored inventory of office supplies and tools, ordered new supplies when necessary
  • Recorded customer financial and shipping information, updated company database, retrieved information and relayed to management
  • Handled scheduling for executives and salesman, organized customer meetings and appointments

Front Desk Receptionist, February 2000 to March 2004
Company Name- City, State

  • Completed scheduling duties including client appointments, conference calls, company meetings and travel arrangements
  • Managed company correspondence including fielding phone calls and responding to emails
  • Provided customer service and support, responded to customer inquiries and questions, resolved customer problems


2000 New Cityland High School, City, State

o The resume should also have your objective statement. The objective statement is a broad statement introducing the specific career goals you want to achieve in the future. The most common mistake is to simply listing your objectives without giving specific examples and supporting evidence to support these. Therefore, your objective statement is not a promise but an outline of your career objectives.

How to write a summary statement for a resume

When writing a summary statement, think about your “elevator pitch.” For example, if you stepped into an elevator and saw the hiring manager who holds the keys to your dream job, how would you sell yourself during that 30-second elevator ride?

Consider the strengths, experiences, and accomplishments that are unique to you and write each of them down as you brainstorm. Using the job posting, determine what value can you bring to the company.

Examining patterns in the following resume sections can help zero in on your unique value points:

  • Work History: What are some common threads in your work history? Look for patterns in company culture, size of the company and your role.
  • Skills: In which skills are you proficient? Which of these skills apply most to the job?
  • Accomplishments: What were some of your most impressive achievements in past jobs? If you can, find ways to quantify those achievements using metrics like years, percentages and dollar amounts. For example, “Exceeded my sales goals in 2017 by $50k.”

After compiling information from the job posting and your resume, you can begin putting together your resume summary statement. Remember to use active voice, action words, and utilize relevant keywords. Save space by keeping your summary statement below five lines.

Resume Summary Examples
Resume Summary Examples

Resume Summary Examples via

o The resume should have a section for your achievements. Having a section for your achievements will give the reader a picture of your skills and expertise in the particular field you are applying for. These could be your awards and recognitions, certificates, affiliations, special achievements and many other achievements that reflect on you as an individual.

Executive Assistant Resume Summary

Dependable and devoted executive assistant with over 7 years of professional experience. Keen to support ABC Inc. with excellent organizational and analytical skills. At DEF Inc. optimized travel costs and effectively slashed them by over 30%. Also, saved USD 500K a year by redesigning and implementing a modernized call system.

o An effective sample resume offering statement should contain a section for personal attributes. You may include your education, professional experience, hobbies and other personal characteristics. In addition, having a section for these personal attributes will make the document much easier to read, and will present your accomplishments in a more comprehensive way. This will also give the reader a picture of how knowledgeable and qualified you are in the particular field you are applying for.

The Art of Writing a Great Resume Summary Statement
The Art of Writing a Great Resume Summary Statement

The Art of Writing a Great Resume Summary Statement via

o A final section for your resume should be an overview or statement of why you are applying for the position. Some employers look for a specific talent, skill or even experience that is required to do their job. Other employers look for people with a combination of skills that can bring success to the company. So, in the final section of the resume, you can emphasize what you will bring to the company and why you fit the job description.

Office Manager Resume Summary

Dynamic office manager with over 7 years of professional experience. Seeks to leverage top-notch managerial and organizational skills to boost efficiency at ABC Inc. Managed a team of 5 office assistants in a high-volume retail business. Grew the number of new contracts by 30% a year, and reduced lead times by 45%. Optimized office supplies spending and saved over $50,000 per year.

As you can see, a well-written sample resume is a critical tool for all employers. The key is to provide your strongest work history, educational background and other accomplishments in the summary statement. Your objective statement and other statements in the resume will support this main area. Your resume should highlight your strong points in an easy-to-read format.